The smarter

coffee alternative

Raw, organic cacao, nootropics, & adaptogens specially designed to get you in the Groove. Our herbs are consciously selected and extracted, then hand-crafted into this delicious and invigorating blend.

Each bag contains 30 servings.

Made & released in small batches.

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The motivational booster that everyone needs – designed to get you through the most mundane of tasks with style and grace. Perfect for an early morning or mid-day pick me up without the jitters or the crash.


A wise alternative to alcohol, as it may relieve social anxiety and sharpens the mind. Drink this before getting together with friends new and old, or host a Groove ceremony and share the cup of BLISS n’ LOVE.


How do you think this business came to fruition?! This labor of love was fueled by the Groove. It’s so good we decided we needed to share it with the world. Drink a cup, find your creative flow, and delve into your passions!

The Mojo

Formulated with the intention to improve motivation and energy levels without the jitters or the crash. As a bonus, these functional ingredients are loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and polyphenols. Also notice, there’s ZERO garbage or fillers – what you see is what you get. Last, but certainly not least, we 3rd party test the finished product because we want to ensure the highest health and safety standards available!


Raw Organic Ceremonial Cacao

Unlike common powdered cacaos, we use the traditionally-fermented & fully raw whole bean cacao so that you get the delicious healthy fats and complex compounds that provide the most benefits. Cacao is known as a heart-opener, boosting your bliss and supporting healthy energy.


Organic Maca

We use a special type of maca to complement the smoothness of the Grooveness. Not only does this provide a wonderful flavor, but this adaptogenic nootropic may increase your overall vitality and stamina. Shagadelic, baby yeahhh.

Organic Lion's Mane Extract

This polysaccharide-rich mushroom looks just like the big round squishy organ in that noggin of yours and that’s exactly what it’s purported to benefit. Our lions mane is grown on hardwood, then only the fruiting body is used and extracted using pure water!


Organic Tocotrienols

A rich source of vitamin E for both that external and internal glow. Our tocos is derived from organic rice bran which is grown here in the US and processed fully raw and without chemicals. We love it for its ability to support mitochondrial health. It’s also super tasty!


Mucuna Pruriens Extract

As both a nootropic and adaptogen, mucuna pruriens is pure MAGIC. We include a hefty dose of this goodness for the possible happiness-inducing and motivation-boosting effects. 

Groove Tonics gives me a natural boost of energy and leaves me feeling revived.  I never thought I would switch from drinking coffee. Groove Tonics made it happen. Overall, I feel refreshed, more alert throughout my days/nights when I have it. I am recommending it to all my friends and family.

-Jeri, Night Shift ER Nurse


Everything else you need to know…

What does it taste like?

If you follow our recommendation to mix it with your favorite creamy milk and sweetener, it tastes like a divine hot chocolate. However, if you like bold, earthy, and slightly bitter tastes from the raw cacao, mushrooms, and herbal extracts, you might enjoy it “black” mixed with just hot water.

How do I prepare it?

Our go-to concoction can always be found on the back of the bag. We recommend blending at least 1 tbsp of Groove with 4 oz of hot water, plus 1 tbsp maple syrup, and then topping with 4 oz of unsweetened oat milk. Of course you can use any other preferred sweetener, creamy milk, or coffee creamer to taste. Get creative!

We highly recommend doubling the recipe to get extra Groovy – especially if you’re a coffee drinker! Alternatively, you can add it to coffee for an easy mocha latte that puts some extra pep in your step. Also note that Groove blends best by using a frothing tool, small whisk, or blender along with hot water prior to mixing in your cold milk. 

Can I eat it? Or is it only to drink?

Since Groove is based with whole bean cacao, it’s a wonderful chocolatey addition to your favorite desserty or breakfast foods. You can add it to your smoothies, oatmeal, chia pudding, cheezecakes, or ice cream. One of our favorite ways to use it is to blend it in the food processor with some dried fruit (like dates or figs) and nuts (or nut butter) to make deliciously rich and sensual cacao balls. Sometimes we add oats, honey, sea salt, and a splash of oat milk too. The possibilities are limitless and we will continue to share our creations (and yours) here in the blog and our social media!

I'm on a special diet, can I consume this?

Groove is naturally 100% plant-based and keto-friendly! It’s a great addition to a Whole 30 style diet as well. When mixing, we recommend trying maple syrup, date sugar, coconut sugar, or honey as a healthier alternative to table sugar, or sub a monkfruit/allulose “sweetener” for a clean sugar-free option. You can also skip the sweetener altogether, drinking it with just your favorite creamy milk or even just “black.” 

How much caffeine is in it?

Not much! Groove works in mysterious, but powerful ways. A normal serving size of 1 tbsp contains only 7 mg of caffeine. For reference, a small 8 oz cup of coffee contains almost 100 mg on average (multiply that by around 2x if you’re drinking out of a larger mug). Here at the Groove Lab, we often double our dose – so we are getting a maximum of 15 mg of caffeine per serving, which is still negligible and similar to an equal size cup of decaf coffee. Regardless of the lack of caffeine, users report a comfortable and lasting energy without the jitters or the crash! The energy it produces is mostly from the naturally occurring theobromine in the cacao, which pairs nicely with the other functional ingredients to induce motivation and mental clarity.

What makes Groove different from other chocolates, coffees, and coffee alternatives?

Most store-bought chocolate, coffees, and coffee alternatives are made with roasted ingredients, which contain toxic glycotoxins (aka advanced glycation end products, or AGE’s for short). Research shows that glycotoxins can be carcinogenic, in addition to speeding up the aging process and taking an overall toll on the body. Sure, this gives the classic roasted coffee taste, but we have designed something that we believe is healthier and is super tasty in a different way!

Many other chocolate products are high in cadmium and lead – ours is 3rd party tested to ensure the highest quality and purity. It’s fully raw, organic, and traditionally prepared – unlike other companies who use cheap cacao powders that lack the full spectrum of nutrients and mood-enhancing benefits. We grind our organic criollo cacao in small batches, and infuse it with herbal extracts through the process! It’s a labor of love, but you can taste and feel the difference!!

About us

Woman-founded and family-owned. We are entrepreneurs and busy parents who were on the search for cleaner, healthier, sustainable energy. Melissa, a passionate herbalist and foodie, started out making this product to help us achieve our daily goals. Turns out, with Groove in our lives, we exceeded them. It’s so good that we decided we needed to share it with the world!